What is ENFIA ?
In the early 1980’s, the USDA Forest Service renewed its interest in the formation of Non Profit Cooperating Associations to assist the agency with interpretive and educational programs.
As a result of this interest, the Eastern National Forests Interpretive Association (ENFIA) was formed on April 5, 1985 as a  
Non Profit Cooperating Association operating in Regions 8 and 9 of the USDA Forest Service.

ENFIA promotes the historical, scientific, and educational activities of the USDA Forest Service, through the sale of quality interpretive materials.

ENFIA encourages each sales outlet to specialize in materials unique to the history and environment of their location, using local authors and other resources. In addition, ENFIA offers approximately 2000 books and related materials from a variety of nationally known publishers and vendors.

A Board of Directors designated by each Forest they represent governs ENFIA.

Enfia currently serves nine National Forests and Grey Toweres National Historic Site in eight states.